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The All in One: Trauma Box

The All in One: Trauma Box

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The Trauma Box is a single-use procedure pack used by healthcare professionals and laypersons for the treatment of all kind of bleeding injuries in emergency situations. The dispenser is weatherproof and protected against vandalism, well visible and easy to open. No matter if you are a medical specialist or unskilled – everybody and anybody can save lives in an emergency.

Emergency services personnel can fix the Trauma Box in their service vehicles or in their direct vicinity. As a first aid kit for emergency homeostasis, the box is ready for use at any and all times. The Trauma Box is quick & easy to open in case of emergency.


  • Life Saving Trauma Bandage
  • A Tourniquet
  • Examination Gloves
  • The simple instruction enables
  • Everybody to give care immediately


Tourniquet proves to be completely effective to stop blood flow in the event of a traumatic wound with significant haemorrhage incase of an extremity.

Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the durable windlass system is locked into place. A hook and loop retention strap is then
applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation.

Life Saving Trauma Bandage

Trauma Bandage is a single-use, sterile first-aid bandage for short term treatment of all kind of acute wounds in emergency situations.

It is used to stop bleeding from hemorrhagic wounds caused by traumatic injuries. The bandage is equipped with an absorbent wound dressing and a pressure applicator. It is especially designed for armies and emergency management personnel.

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