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Recycled Paper Pencils w/o seed set of 10

Recycled Paper Pencils w/o seed set of 10

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These paper pencils are made from your used recyclable daily newspaper. These are wood free paper pencils. Recycled Paper is tightly rolled around the graphite (lead) with super strength


    • 100% eco-friendly.

    • Smooth to write.

    • Easy to sharpen.

    • Biodegradable.

    • Lightweight.

    • High strength.

    • Elegant design.

    • Long lasting.

  • Sharpens easily.

Why paper pencils: 

    • We are utilising Billions of pencils every year that cost for cutting Millions of trees annually.

    • Trees can be saved by repurposing old newspapers into pencils.

    • These products are wood free and eco-friendly.

    • These pens are light-weight, and look way cooler than the traditional plastic ones.

    • Make Eco-friendly gifts for fellow Eco-warriors.

  • Recycled papers are used and used so no waste is created.

Our pencils are made from recycled paper rather than wood. Newspaper Pencils, Recycle Paper Pencils, and Seed Pencils are among the items that we produce.

Benefits of recycling newspaper are numerous:

    1. Save ~ 14 trees from being shed and turned into wood pulp.

    1. Save about 225KW hours of electricity.

    1. Saves about 60,000 liters of water from being used.

    1. Prevent the release of numerable greenhouse gases.

    1. Prevent air and water pollution that ultimately affects the health of the people as well as deteriorates the environment.

Sustainable living is the need of the hour to safeguard the future of our planet and the generation to come.

Thus, recycling newspapers today proves to be a sustainable and wise decision for the future and a win-win situation for both humans as well as the ecosystem.

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