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K9 Tactical Dog Helmet

K9 Tactical Dog Helmet

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K9 Helm provides cranial protection for canines working in human rescue operations. The helmet design offers a stable platform for tactical gear such as cameras, lights, and communication electronics, as well as safety accessories such as detachable ear protection and muzzles. The headgear is designed to fit Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd dogs for use in training as well as in the field.


  • The Main Shell is single piece of super-tough, 3D printed nylon. It features complex curves and details that are finely tuned for performance and durability.
  • K9-helmet-hard-shell – ANSI rated, UV400 Eye Protection is easy to install and remove, yet stays firmly in place. Independent, spherical lenses are canted to each side to maximize the dog’s peripheral vision.
  • Left and Right Retension Plates squeeze inwards with strap tension, providing cushy-yet-firm clamping force.
  • Thick Rubber Strap is reversible for use by right or left handed humans.
  • 2- Position rail can be used to mount a variety of devices, or it can be removed altogether in favor of cameras like MOHOC, which may be attached directly to helmet surface.
  • Flexible Rear Brace meets the neck and terminates in a flared beaver tail, stabilizing the helmet during sudden changes to head and neck angles.
  • Secured with Velcro, the multi-panel Foam Padding is easily replaced and made in 3 sizes to achieve the best possible fit.
  • K9-helmet-hard-shell – Captive Strap guides and Shielded Button stud provide a secure closure that’s fast and easy to operate.
  • K9-helmet-hard-shell – Removable Fasteners facilitate easy disassembly.

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