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Infra Red Identification Patches

Infra Red Identification Patches

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The modern battlefield and training combat zones faces a growing challenge to identify friendly forces, especially during night time operations and close quarter battle practices. Our products give a wide spectrum solution for IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) using night vision devices from image intensifiers through SWIR and thermal devices both MidIR and LongIR. The products are made from infrared reflective materials. We with our partners, specialise in developing the infrared ID solutions for night vision, SWIR and thermal devices, mainly personal and vehicular passive IFF combat ID. The identification is done by using infrared light or laser in specific wavelength that is reflected back from the IR patch or vehicle IR marker. The markers can only be recognised using night vision equipped with IR laser or IR light, and it stays covert at all other time. Infra-Red ID products are combat-proven and are being used by various military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

IR identification products made from a passive micro prismatic material engineered to absorb all visual light spectrum and reflect back only infrared. Reflected IR wavelength can be customize ( 0.7-1.4 micron ). IR reflective products will remain covert and will be activated only when IR laser / light is pointed at. The reflected IR is returned in a narrow angle and can only be observed from the IR source viewpoint.

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