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What is a hip bag and how to wear it?

Hip bag returns in style!

If you are wondering what a hip bag is and how people are flaunting it in recent years, then this article will help you understand what it is and how people are using it to make a style statement. 

A hip bag or a waist pack is a small bag or a pouch that is carried or worn above the hip or around the waist to carry one's everyday items such as a phone, earbuds or air pods, car keys, identity card, and the most important combo after the pandemic which is your masks and sanitizers. The bag can also be used as a SWAT or tactical bag for all the military peeps out there to carry items like tactical knives, torches, first-aid, and so on. It helps you stay hands-free and stress-free so that you can enjoy your outdoor activity without having to worry about your crucial belongings.

These bags were a hit during the 80s and are back in fashion now, as they say, life moves in a circle well so does fashion! These bags are available in many colors and categories such as Men's hip bags or waist bags for women. Back then they were called the 'fanny bag/fanny pack', there are different ways in which people style this waist pouch, even though it is called a waist pouch or waist belt bag , you can even carry it as a sling, across your shoulders or wear it the classic way on your waist.


Why Hip bag is a must-have?

 This bag is suitable for fitness, outdoor travel, hiking, tactical rigger, emergency rescue, SWAT, police, military fan, army training, casual, sports, outdoor, camping, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, EDC, life-saving, survival, wild adventure, travel, tour, picnic, paintball, airsoft, field game, hunting, fishing, racing, cycling, running, motorcycle, working, close quarter battle, etc. It is a must-have and the best hip bag because

  • It's Made of high-quality Nylon oxford material, durable, practical, comfortable, and breathable; High-intensity military-style specifications nylon, scratch-resistant, and Not easy to fade.
  • It has a flexible main storage compartment. With adjustable waist and drop leg straps which keep your hands free while you are camping, hunting, or traveling.
  • It is also a tactical thigh pack pouch with an affixed sandwich back, 4 zipper pockets with many compartments as a perfect Tool Pouch; 
  • compartments are designed for holding most belongings like wallet/phone/camera/keys/tools etc.
  • Perfect for everyday use, keeps all the essentials in order. A buckle belt makes it easy to carry, the thigh bag goes well with any type of clothing.
  • MOLLE external expansion system designed to be used in combination with other equipment, you can load pockets, water bottle bags, accessory kits, etc.
  • Waist sliding adjustment systems can quickly adjust to their comfortable state, making the leg bag more comfortable.

 Now, what are you waiting for? Hop into the style right now and flaunt your fanny pack your way.

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