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Best Elbow and Knee Pads

Accidental falls from wheeled vehicles are meant to happen while you are in the process of learning anything from bicycles to skateboards and everything in between. These falls are a part of the learning process and there is no way one can become a pro at riding wheeled vehicles without leaning falls on the ground. While we cannot escape this part of the learning, we surely can take precautions and wear the right sports gear which would help in the smooth process of learning as well as keep us protected.

The exclusive Delta Tac Merkava Black Elbow pads and Knee Pads Combo is named after the iconic Merkava tank of Israel which is famous for providing all-around protection while winning battles. The best elbow and knee pads safeguard against sand, rocks, and gravel to avoid burns, scrapes, and other injuries. Elbows and knees are the sensitive areas of our body and if injured, the recovery process of the area is slow and agonizing so it's always better to keep this vulnerable area protected at times of outdoor activities.

This safeguard equipment is something that people generally think is never used but at the time of laceration, they are happy that they used it. The Merkava Black Knee and Elbow Pad is water repellant, It has a Thermoplastic Non-Slip Cap Surface. This is made of 1000D Cordura giving you a comfortable dry material; also making them cut-resistant. This Knee and Elbow pad is rip-stop material and wind-stop material. This also has a Dual Velcro Elastic Band Fastener which makes it adjustable to the full comfort of the wearer. 

The lining fabric is Polyester bonded with PU Sponge (10mm) preventing the pads from slipping downwards and making them shock resistant. The hook and the eyelet are made of Brass, the Polyester Elastic Bands keep the Knee and Elbow pads in place. 


  • Hockey: Elbow and knee pads are worn by many professional players especially in the game of hockey as it safeguards the player from ice and boards. Not only professional players but also beginners use knee and elbow pads as they are likely to get an injury such as a knee injury as they lose their balance at the initial stages of practice. The knee pad acts as a knee protector.
  • Mountain Biking/Cyclists: As we know the terrain of mountains are uneven which causes accidental falls of cyclists and mountain bikers, due to the uneven surface falling is unavoidable so bike knee pads & Elbow Pads for bike are a must during activities like mountain biking or cycling. 
  • Roller skating: roller skating pads or knee & elbow pads for skating protects the skater against rocks, uneven surface, burns, bruises, and other injuries. This protective gear is a must for all the skaters out there. 
  • Skateboarding: Multiple injuries can be caused due to imbalance or surface conditions while skateboarding, the best way to avoid these injuries and level up your game is to wear skateboard knee pads or knee and elbow protectors before your game or practice sessions 
  • Volleyball: Throughout the game, players are called for twisting, jumping, and smashing which often puts the player’s knee at risk of injury. The delta tac elbow and knee pads are designed so that the athlete can play with comfort and avoid knee injuries.
  • Wrestling: It is considered that wrestling elbow guards and knee guards are wrestlers' best friends as they safeguard them against possible injuries. It’s always to wear your protective gear and enhance your performance at the game. 
  • Kabaddi: Even in the game of kabaddi where the player has to run, lunge and jump, the knee joint can be injured so it is best to make use of kneepads for kabaddi and enhance your performance.  


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