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UrbaDam - Flood Control Sandless Sandbag Bag (Pack of 4)

UrbaDam - Flood Control Sandless Sandbag Bag (Pack of 4)

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urbadam pack of 4

This includes 4 pieces of UrbaDam - Flood Control Sandless Sandbag Bags

UrbaDam is a compact, lightweight and self-inflating, sandless flood-bag that helps control damage from water leakages and flooding. With its super absorbent properties, it can absorb water upto 98% capacity within ~3-5 minutes.

Once the water is absorbed it is suspended in the bag and acts just like a traditional sandbag to restrict water. It can be stored anywhere close to flash flooding prone areas or accidental water leak damage. It empowers people to defend themselves and react immediately to flooding which can potentially help prevent water damage to your property.

The UrbaDam Flood Barrier is ideal for diverting channels of water to prevent damage to your possessions.

Be Prepared! Prevent water damage to your home, property, by simply blocking or diverting water.


  • 18-20 Ltr. water absorption capacity per bag
  • Rapid and Easy deployment and cleanup
  • Clean, Compact and Super Lightweight.
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Biodegradable and Environmental Safe


  • Storm/ Flood Preparation
  • Home - Doorways, garages, roofs, bulkhead and other leaking areas
  • Plumbing - wrap around leaking tanks & pipes to contain water
  • Construction & Roofing Site - Holds backwater
  • Water evaporates over time & can be reused
  • 5-year shelf life.

* Not for Saltwater

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