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Tactical Gloves (Full Finger with Hard Knuckle) - Black

Tactical Gloves (Full Finger with Hard Knuckle) - Black

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These Tactical Gloves - with a full finger covering, have a unique design for knuckle protection, protecting hands and knuckles from impact and abrasion, making the design ultra durable and flexible. These have been made with fine line workmanship and with a breathable fabric.

Other features : 

  • The tactical gloves are made from SPANDEX microfiber Leather Nylon Material, PU and synthetic leather
  • they have a Hard knuckle padding on the outside
  • Adjustable wrist Velcro lock system, 
  • Collecting and hanging buckles, 
  • Anti Skid Gridding palm
  • long life. 

These could be used while Cycling, Hunting, Paintball, Camping and Hiking, Fishing, Exercise and Fitness.

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