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V5 Tactical Flashlight Holder

V5 Tactical Flashlight Holder

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  • 360-degree Rotation
  • Quick Draw Capable
  • Innovative Locking Design


V5 is a tactical flashlight holder. It’s 360° rotatable, and open at both ends for hands-free lighting. V5 is compatible with flashlights with a body diameter of 25 – 32 mm (1 – 1.25 in) and a belt with a width of less than 50 mm (2 in). You can lock and unlock the flashlight single-handedly with its innovative locking design. 


  • Compatible Flashlights: Body Dia. between 1 – 1.25 in (25- 32 mm)
  • Compatible Belts: Width ≤ 2 in (50 mm)’

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