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Muela Outdoor Knife ABS Green 160mm - 5161

Muela Outdoor Knife ABS Green 160mm - 5161

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5161 outdoor knife with a constant blade of the Spanish company Muela. For trips outside the city, for camping, it will also work as a survival hunting knife. A solid blade will withstand all work in all conditions.

Blade - Bowie profile, 3.5 mm thick, coated with a non-reflective Satin Finish (semi-matt) coating that eliminates reflections. Made of hardened 54-58 HRC, corrosion-resistant 420H stainless steel with increased carbon content and high impact strength. A smooth Plain blade, derived from the hollow grind, provides good cutting properties. On the back of the blade there is a universal saw suitable for cutting, among others wood, ropes, belts. At the base of the blade, a black double-sided handguard prevents the hand from sliding on the blade.

Handle - knurled dark-green ABS plastic cladding with a black head. Finger profiling provides a secure and secure grip. The knife fits very well in the hand, does not slip, it can be easily operated in all conditions.

Case - in black, made of plastic. Fastened with a latch enables safe carrying of the knife. The producer's logo is embossed on the front. The scabbard has a belt attachment or attachment enabling it to be carried in a vertical position. In the lower part a hole for attaching the knife to the thigh with a rope.

Technical data:
Product number: 5161
Steel type: 420H
Blade length: 160 mm / 6.30 "
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.14 "
Overall length: 274 mm / 10.79 "
Weight: 267 g / 9.42 oz
Blade: Plain
Type of blade: Bowie
Cut type: Concave
Handle type: ABS
Sheath: plastic
Producer: Muela, Spain

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