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Military Shooting Glasses UV400 Glasses 2021

Military Shooting Glasses UV400 Glasses 2021

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Half Frame Myopia Available Outdoor Hiking Sport Shooting Military Glasses UV400 Glasses 2021



To Remove Lens:

  1. Gently rotate up the pivoting Lens Lock in the center of the frame to disengage the lens.

  2. Pull the lens down and out of the frame center to create separation between lens and frame.

  3. Gently flex frame backwards while simultaneously pulling lens forward in order to pull lens tabs out of the frame grooves on both sides.

To Install Lens:

  1. Insert one lens tab into the frame groove on one side of the frame. Gently flex the lens forward and insert the lens tab on the other side of the frame.

  2. Push the lens and frame together until seated. Rotated the frame's Lens Lock forward until fully engaged with lens.


To Remove Nose-piece:

Gently pull one side of the nose-piece from the inside of the lens. Be sure to pull on the hard plastic section of the nose-piece only. Pulling on the soft rubber section may damage the nose-piece.

To Install Nose-piece:

Align the outermost slot of the nose-piece into the groove  of the lens, then press up with thumb until the nose-piece snaps into place. The nose piece is properly installed when the lens cutouts are not visible at the sides.




Thank you for purchasing this eye-shield With proper care and cleaning, this advance ballistic eye-shield will perform at the highest level.

  • When you are not wearing your eye-shield, keep it in its case to protect frame and lenses.

  • Poly-carbonate lens require special care.  Clean your eye-shield lenses carefully, blow off any particles,clean only with mild soap and water, wipe dry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

  • Do not use paper products, abrasive cleaners, or solvents as these may scratch or weaken the lens.

  • The eye-shield has dedicated Anti-fog coating on he lens. Use extra care when cleaning..




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