pelican cases vs skb cases

SKB Cases vs Pelican Cases

I have 3 SKB Cases and 2 Pelican Cases and a few cheaper hard cases as well. Currently the top 2 case manufacturers are SKB and Pelican.

Well… Kind of. Lets clarify a few things first by going back in time a few years.

Pelican was the innovator of waterproof cases. They were the first to market & by far the largest case company in the word. Most industries recognised the Pelican brand. Their cases are some of the best money could buy. The SKB was still an unknown brand then. 

SKB started to lead the rugged case industry when they created cases which had the same features & lifetime warranty as Pelican yet they offered the cases at a more affordable price. Although the SKB case brand is not as recognised as Pelican the quality is still on par.

In essence by purchasing SKB you’re buying quality & a lifetime warranty. Therefore, all things being equal I would choose a SKB case as it gives you the best value for your money.

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